How Sitting Is Ruining Your Posture (And Your Health!)

Shoulders rounded, head forward and eyes down. Reminded of anyone you know?
It’s human nature to assume this Quasimodo-like trend is “no big deal,” but your Grandmother was wise when she told you to “stand up straight!”

Your Biggest Struggle With Food (and How to Solve It)

If just knowing the best foods required to create health were enough, we wouldn’t see worldwide obesity rates climbing at such a rapid pace. The fact is North Americans sit near the top of the chart with 60-75% of the population over 15 years old classified as obese, but worse, some countries are nearing 90-95% obesity rates!

The Best 15 Ways To Boost Your Child’s IQ

High IQ is not a requirement for a successful future… but maximising your child’s intelligence is not only possible but it’s a “smart” thing to do. Here’s how it works and the best 15 ways to boost your child’s IQ.


The kids are screaming, you’ve had less than 4 hours sleep, your work deadline is approaching fast and you haven’t had time for yourself in weeks! To add insult to injury, now you have a raging headache blasting away at your skull like a jackhammer…how are you going to make it through the day?

It’s time to pull the trigger on your pre-set plan to stop this headache dead in it’s tracks and get back to feeling human again. You need the Headache Survival Guide!

The 6 Best Exercises Everyone Can Do

What are the 6 best exercises everyone can do?   I was asked this question by a patient recently and before I could give an adequate answer, I had to give it some deep thought.   Initially, my mind was filled will all of the challenging lifts and movements that could be done in a…

What’s In Your Child’s Lunchbox Part 2

Marketing plays a HUGE role in what we eat and what we feed our children. It is well known that companies now advertise heavily towards children and they use many techniques.

Are we being deceived?


The biggest lie told to diabetics is that their disease is a chronic, progressive and non-reversible one.
This statement is repeated like a mantra to everyone who would be categorized as pre-diabetic to those suffering from the effects of long standing type 2 diabetes.

Want Success In 2018? You Must Answer This Question First

With the holidays right around the corner, it truly is a wonderful time of year!

Unfortunately for many, it’s also followed by the anxiety, fear and despair of the next
12 months…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to skip those emotions and make this year your best year ever?

Let me help you…

Do You Need To Eat More Fat?

7 Signs You Need To Eat More Fat   Old habits die hard right? We still find it shocking that despite the current and steady stream of consistent scientific evidence you are still scared to make fat a major part of your diet. But on the other hand, we get it. After all, fat has…

Vitamin D More Effective Than A Flu Shot?

“The findings of our study support an important role for vitamin D in prevention of common respiratory infections, such as colds and the flu. Individuals with common lung diseases, such as asthma or emphysema, may be particularly susceptible to respiratory infections from vitamin D deficiency [5].”