With the divorce rate nearing 50% and a “healthy” relationship charting the top of almost every wish list…it only makes sense that anything we can do to improve the chances of success should be expedited to the front of the line.

A reasonable body of research is beginning to paint a favorable picture. Those who train together stay together.

Here are 10 reasons why:

1. Deeper connection. Training together fosters your connection. It will give you both an opportunity to watch the other be challenged and succeed. It can build empathy and appreciation.

2. Reduced stress. Research shows that those who workout regularly are better able to handle the normal daily stresses which we all face. Finding a productive release for stress vs. bringing it home makes the interaction with your loved one more peaceful and enjoyable.

3. Increased self-confidence. Setting goals together like improved body composition or completing a Tough Mudder can give you a sense of empowerment and excitement about what might be possible when working as a team.

4. Improved intimacy. More energy, an improved body image and overall enhanced physical function which comes from training can lead to improvements in the physical aspects of your relationship 🙂

5. More quality time. Having trouble finding time to spend with each other. Carving out a training schedule that works for both gives you a guaranteed “date” to look forward to multiple times each week.

6. Successful dieting. You are likely following the same or similar eating plan. What can be an extremely difficult endeavor, now becomes a team effort and exponentially easier to stay the course with.

Have you tried eating By Design? (<link)

7. Less fighting. Taking your aggression out on the weights instead of projecting your anger into your relationship means fewer fights, less disagreements and more time focused on what matters most.

8. Enjoy your downtime. With a busy life that now includes a regular fitness schedule, you’ll be much more appreciative of the down time you have.

9. Enjoy shared values. One of the most overlooked requirements for a successful relationship is shared values. It’s amazing how many relationship fail not because there’s a “lack of love” but instead, because there’s a shortage of values both partners care deeply about.

Training together gives a couple one more value they can fully engage in together.

10. Grow stronger together. No question lifting together will make you physically stronger but it’s the sum all the components that are encompassed into a regular training program that will make your relationship stronger as well.

Make the investment in yourself by committing to a training program right away and for a boost to your relationship, up the ante by adding your partner into the mix.

In Good Health,

Dr. Matthew Brooks


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